About Senior Advisors

Doug Lubenow has over 20 years experience in the Health Insurance Industry. Doug has been helping individuals with their Long Term Care Insurance needs; such as protecting their retirement savings from the catastrophic effects of spending down all their resources as a result of the need for Long Term Care. These costs can be as high as $10,000 per month. Baby Boomers are the biggest segment of the population that needs to be aware of the devastating effects that this could have on their loved ones.

Doug has also been assisting people that become eligible for Medicare Benefits. This is a confusing time for everyone. There is a lot of confusion surrounding what happens when someone turns sixty five. When do you sign up for Medicare? Do I need Medicare if I am still working? What is the difference between a Medicare Supplement & a Medicare Advantage plan? How does the Part D prescription drug benefit work? What is the “Donut Hole”? These and many more questions come up and Doug has made the transition extremely easy to understand for this growing segment of our society.

Doug has also been educating other agents about Medicare by conducting Continuing Education classes. Doug has been actively working on Healthcare Reform for over fifteen years through his participation with the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters. He has been the legislative Chairman or Vice Chairman for the past 6 years. Doug has been traveling to Washington meeting with our Congressman and to Trenton meeting with our state Assemblyman and Senators trying to help the reform process.